Prescription Refills

Any prescription refill requested by phone or fax, which is necessitated by the loss of a previously issued prescription, cancellation of a scheduled appointment by the patient, or lack of a scheduled follow-up appointment will result in a charge of $20.00 per prescription. Per State and Federal laws, the prescription will cover only the period of time until the next recommended appointment. Only one refill will be given in these circumstances, and you will run out of medication if you do not come in for an appointment as the physician has directed.

It is the patient’s responsibility at the time of his/her appointment to ensure that all prescriptions requiring refills are addressed. You will be provided with sufficient refills until your next recommended scheduled appointment. It is important, therefore, that you make your follow-up appointment before leaving the office to ensure that you will have no lapse in your medications.

There is a 48-72 hour turnaround time on prescription refill requests.

In almost all cases, the Practitioner will give you the option to get a generic form of the medication. This will be noted on your prescription. It is between you and your pharmacy on whether you get a generic version. It is your responsibility to shop around and compare prices at different pharmacies. You can often find coupons online to help pay for brand/trade name prescription medications.

Do not contact our office regarding prescription transfers. State and Federal laws mandate that the pharmacy is responsible for transferring your prescription and cannot refuse to do so. Therefore, if you need to transfer your prescription to another pharmacy you must contact your pharmacy.

Any questions on how to take a medication or medication directions, interactions, or contraindications should be directed to your pharmacy.

If you need a mail order prescription for a three month supply, please notify the doctor at the time of your visit. Otherwise you will need to return for an office visit in order for us to process a request for a rewrite of your original prescription.

Thank you so much for all your help. Everyone has been so friendly, supportive, and compassionate. I?m so thankful for this facility. I don?t know what I would have done without you.
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